Save the World, Study STEM: Refugee Housing, Hydropower, and Gaming for Good

So, after we recently posted our Want to Save the World? Study STEM! post we learned two things:

1- People LOVED hearing about the world-changing effects of STEM.

2 – These types of stories are absolutely everywhere!

In light of these two realizations, we thought that we would take this concept further and highlight these types of stories in a recurring feature. So welcome to part 2 of the infinity-part series: Save the World, Study STEM!

Reinventing Refugee Housing

Food, water, sanitation, and housing all pose recurring challenges to both inhabitants and facilitators of refugee camps. To address these challenges, the Ikea Foundation recently joined forces with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees to create a new and improved design for refugee housing. Assembling your own bookshelf is a thing of the past… assembling refugee housing is the thing of the future!

A New Approach to Hydropower

Photo courtesy of Verdant Power

Photo courtesy of Verdant Power

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but we introduced the Wind Energy subject to our Kids Ahead and STEM Works websites because we believed that the issue of sustainable energy is of great importance. Located in that subject is the Cool Jobs interview with Jonathan Colby, a hydrodynamic engineer who is working to derive energy from New York’s East River. If hydropower and wind power had a baby, it would be this sustainable project! Check it out!

Gaming for Good

Think gaming is a waste of time? This article from shows how technology and gaming come together to provide a platform for social activism. Whether racing virtual bikes so an impoverished community can get real ones or virtually stepping into the shoes of a refugee, these games bring conscience and purpose to an often criticized technological field.

So what do you think… inspired yet?