Last month’s exciting STEM news – November, 2013

Here we go again folks… some cool STEMy things from the month of November:

The Animal Kingdom IconAnimal Kingdom

Humans aren’t the only ones affected by devastating natural disasters. Read about these animals that were rescued in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Read article.

Extreme Weather IconExtreme Weather

Extreme weather found itself front and center in the news this month as Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. In case you’re not up to speed about what happened, here’s a synopsis of the storm. Read article.

Medical Innovations IconMedical Innovations

Due to a shortage in physicians, one medical school in California is offering free medical school. Where was this deal when we were in college? Read article.

Robotics IconRobotics

If India Jones and the Bionic Woman had a turtle for a baby, this would be it. U-CAT is a robotic turtle that will help archaeologists investigate undersea shipwrecks…  Read article.

Space IconSpace

A meteorite that surfaced in the Sahara Desert is revealed to be a piece of ancient Mars. Thanks to this little piece of Martian crust, scientists are able to unlock secrets of the ancient planet. Read article.

Under the Sea IconUnder the Sea

A recent study published in the journal Nature Genetics reveals how whales evolved their deep and lengthy diving abilities and their baleen teeth replacements. This is way cool. Read article.

Video Games IconVideo Games

Did you know that your performance in first-person shooter games can predict career success in STEM fields? No, seriously. The American Psychologist has recently published an article summarizing a decade of video game research. While people are rushing to say that this article proves video games are good for you, the more realistic tagline might be “video games still have pros and cons”. Read article.

Wind Energy IconWind Energy

Are you constantly left wondering why “clean energy” hasn’t taken off? Well, this article brings up some interesting points about the complications of clean energy prospects. Read article.

So there, various STEM subject lovers. We’ve got you covered!