At-home Resources for Students

We all know how much impact a great teacher can have and how cool it is when schools offer special robotics or software classes. But, let’s face it, sometimes the real world limits access to these types of resources. In light of this fact, we thought we would share some of our favorite resources for students wanting to supplement their education at home. These resources are great for students wanting to further their understanding of a certain subject, software, or process. So without further ado, here they are!

Bad Astronomy YouTube Channel

Love to explore Space? This completely free YouTube channel explores many different topics related to astronomy, space, and science. This channel doesn’t shy away from total space eye candy also, which can be wonderful for those times when you brain needs a break! In fact, here’s some eye candy now for your viewing pleasure!

Gaming Resources

Just in case you haven’t stopped by our website recently, our Video Games activities page contains a number of wonderful resources for those who want to get into video game design. Many of these resources involve coding and allow you to recreate old games like Frogger, as well as new ones of your own!

Khan Academy

This is another totally free website that gives students access to lessons on a vast number of subjects. And instead of us telling you all about this one, we’ll let Mr. Khan speak for himself.

Online learning is gaining in popularity these days, and caters to this trend. This site is very useful for educators in both the classroom and homeschool settings and provides online educational tools for grades K-12. This site does require a fee. is a wonderful resource for students and adults alike. This website offers a TON of video tutuorials on a TON of different software. Whether you’re wanting to learn how to create a website, animate a 3D graphic, or design a game, can probably help you out. This website does, however, charge a monthly subscription fee.


So, are there any other great resources for students that we missed? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!