Amazing Feats of Winter Engineering

To honor both the beauty of the winter season and the often deemphasized field of engineering, we thought we’d take today to point out the wonderful things that can happen when these two things collide. Whether we’re protecting ourselves from frigid temperatures or meerly enjoying a bit of creative expression, people have been enjoying the winter canvas arguably since the dawn of time. Here are some of our favorite feats of winter engineering.

Igloos: What were once viewed as purely a feature of function, Igloos have transcended the world of functional engineering into the world of…



Symphony Concert Halls

igloo symphony hall

And backyard things of beauty.


And of course there are those who took the idea of building a snowman to a whole new level by building…

A snowman on a horse

Man on Horse

Snow dinosaurs

Snow dinos

And epic snow castles.


Yet we can’t conclude this post without posting our favorite feat of winter engineering, contributed by Mother Nature herself…

The snowflake.


Happy holidays everyone, and we’ll see you in 2014!