CSI Day 4

We have had quite the busy day today! Though our gumshoes have been doing an amazing job narrowing our list of suspects on their own, we thought we’d bring in a little backup. Special Agent Marshall from the FBI spent his morning helping our campers look examine the evidence of the kidnapping case and identify some clues they may not have thought of.

Campers also got a realistic idea of what it takes to pursue a career with the FBI.

Our investigators-in-training learned a lot from Special Agent Marshall, and everyone was sad to see him go.

After we parted ways with the FBI agent, campers went right back to work on their biometrics activities. They learned how the shape of our hands,



the shape of our ears,



and the way we walk, can be used to identify us.


The afternoon was spent focusing on a much smaller part of our body, our DNA. Dr. Jones of SMU stopped by to discuss what DNA is and how it is used in CSI.


Once Dr. Jones made campers experts in DNA, they applied this knowledge to extract their very own DNA sample from a strawberry.

They smashed,





and took home their very own sample!



CSI Camp – Day 3

After our campers spent the morning identifying where the culprit’s soil sample came from and which marker he/she used in the note found at the scene, campers moved on to some fun biometrics activities. These activities taught our campers about the many ways the human body can be used to identify people, from our ears to the way we walk.

The end of our camp day sure had teeth… literally. Officer Martin came to visit our camp, and she brought her dog, Caro, with her.


Officer Martin and Caro make up the K-9 unit for the Wylie Police Department. Caro assists Officer Martin in finding things, from people, to narcotics, to cell phones lost by other police officers during a chase.


Though Caro definitely had teeth, at his heart his is just a playful dog who loves his owner.

And we couldn’t let the kids have all the fun today. Our staff enjoyed the presentation just as much.



By the end of the day, we learned that the marker used at the crime scene was an Expo marker, which ruled out the following suspects:

  • Danielle Caldwell
  • Brian Crouch
  • Phillip Lockhart
  • Phil Munsterman

So NOW who do you think dunnit?

Boys Camp Day 2 – Fingerprints!!!

The morning of the second day of camp was all about fingerprints!  Our boys were hard at work learning the tools they need to analyze the fingerprints of the suspects.  This will help them narrow down who the kidnapper is!


But…everyone needs a little help sometimes…


Getting your fingerprints scanned by a sensor can be a little overwhelming.   Don’t worry, our counselors are super nice!


Apparently fingerprint dusting can be a little hard to handle as well!


But never fear…our awesome camp teachers have everything under control.

See, learning about your fingerprints can be loads of fun!


Yes, fingerprint dusting can be a little frustrating (and messy).Image

But with the aid of our friendly police officers, everything ended up according to plan! Now the campers know how to collect fingerprints from evidence such as Snapple bottles and analyze them by distinguishing between the different types of fingerprints.



Now that the boys have gained some new knowledge, they need to boost their energy before continuing on with their investigation.  That means…LUNCH TIME!!!!!