CSI Day 2 Camper Experience

Ok, so we know that we still have more information to dish out about day 4 of our CSI camp. But since we’ve been doing all the talking up to this point, we thought we’d let a camper weigh in on this week’s events.

Brianna Jones

Brianna Jones, of Unit Alpha, had this to say about day 2 of the camp:

“It was awesome, the SWAT team came like if they were doing it like a real crime investigation. Also, 2 women showed us how to put on their uniform. Then we got to try it on, some of the stuff was heavy like the vest and the shield. Next, we looked and took fingerprints. Be careful with the dust powder because it can get messy. Then we did a fingerprint scanner and learned about the 3 types of prints, the loop, arch, and whorl. After that we used string and a ruler to measure our femur and height. It was fun even though it was math. Finally, a woman came by and talked about autopsies and how they gather evidence from bodies. It was gross but cool. I can’t wait until tomorrow.”