National Robotics Week: Design a Bot

Dustbot_Demo_Pontedera_001We heard a rumor that you’be been celebrating National Robotics Week by designing your own bot. Some of the best creations come out of collaboration, so tell us all about your new creation in the comments section! And don’t just stop there, be sure to head back over to the National Robotics Week website to find out about a bunch of other things you can do to celebrate this wonderful week!

6 comments on “National Robotics Week: Design a Bot

  1. My robot is very active and useful. It can help clean the house, watch kids,work , talk, and has 360 degree arms and head.

  2. My robot is the best it can go to space and come back in 3 seconds it will change the world by saving lives by being indestructible. It will go on a 4 year trip to find life in the universe.

  3. My robot is so good i can make breakfast for everyone who needs food. It will be there for the hungry. It has a head that can go 720 degrees. Arms that are real hands.

  4. My robot is a cleaning maid/nanny. The robot that I designed is a robot that can clean, and care for the children while the mother is busy somewhere else in the house. It will feed the children, cook, care, and clean the house.

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