We are thrilled to present the STEM-Works blog. Through our STEM endeavors over the last few years, we have been lucky to connect with many individuals in this vibrant community. We have talked with them face-to-face during our CSI programs and conference participation, interacted online through our Kids Ahead and STEM-Works websites and have become “friends” and “followers” through our social media accounts. After connecting with so many wonderful people, we really wanted to have a platform to better engage with the community and to share exciting STEM content, ideas, and people.  Enter the STEM-Works blog.

Get ready to learn some cool things, discuss important topics and ultimately to celebrate the wonderful, wide world of STEM! The STEM-Works blog is proud to be featured as one of Teach.com’s Teach 100 blogs!

Our Vision

Our vision for this blog is two-fold. First, we have an exciting lineup of content that we’re excited to share. We will connect readers with fabulous content on our websites, provide recommendations for how to incorporate this content into classrooms and afterschool programs, feature a variety of guest bloggers from the STEM community (some of our cool jobs professionals will be stopping back in to say hi), and update readers on the goings on of our CSI program. This blog will take the content on the Kids Ahead and STEM-Works websites a step further by asking the community to engage through stories of your experience with the content, ideas for modifying the content to make it more classroom-friendly and suggestions for new content.Our second goal for this blog is to facilitate discussion among members of the STEM community. While the blog may have our name on it, we really want this platform to belong to you! We will touch on a number of STEM-related issues and topics, and we invite you all to participate in the conversation. We’re new to this, so tell us if you think something is awesome, or if you think something doesn’t work! After all, we’re all in this together!

Our STEM Program

We want every student, regardless of where they live, to be able to have quality experiences that build their interest and competencies in STEM. Giving students and advocates access to materials and activities that are fun, exciting, and challenging will build the foundation of a national effort for increasing STEM skills in our nation’s youth. We know that parents, teachers, club leaders and other adults are working toward the same goal, but often lack the resources they need to be successful. Our Kids Ahead and STEM-Works websites, our CSI programs and our blog provide STEM-related projects and activities,  feature STEM-related places and events in a variety of communities, and serve as a meeting place for members of the STEM community to interact with each other and draw attention to topics that are of particular interest to them. We hope that these efforts will allow STEM enthusiasts to meet their own goals and promote the wonderful wide world of STEM.

Our Team

Our STEM program is a cornerstone program of the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education at Southern Methodist University. Our team is committed to inspiring students to pursue STEM education/careers and connecting STEM advocates with resources to effectively advocate STEM.

Our team members include:

  • Dr. Delores Etter, Executive Director
  • Lindsey Groark, STEM Program Director
  • Danielle Caldwell, Social Media Communications Director

6 comments on “About

  1. I would like to bring the CSI Program to Dallas ISD’s Inaugural STEM Day on February 1, 2014. Would someone be able to contact me about this?

  2. I just found this site. I teach G/T in DISD @ Ann Richards Middle School and would love to have a copy of the CSI materials given at your workshop. I wished I had known about the conference because I would have attended. My theme for the next school year will be CSI based. I appreciate any information given. Thanks in advance.

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