TEDxSMUWomen 2017

Last Thursday, November 2nd, was TEDxSMUWomen 2017.


We had 2 live speaker sessions, workshops, and live streamings of TEDWomen in New Orleans.

Speaker Graphic

This year’s theme was bridges, so each speaker’s talk, the workshops, and activities all revolved around building, burning, or crossing bridges.

The day started off with the TEDWomen Simulcast from New Orleans and workshops. Attendees had the option of viewing the live simulcast or attending 1 of 3 workshops.

After this, we started the TEDxSMUWomen Live Speaker Sessions. Both sessions were hosted by Shelly Slater, and session 1 consisted of Tara Frank, Ruan Meintjes, Sharyn Wilding, Frances Cudjoe-Waters, and Stephanie Bernal.

sessino 1.jpg

After the first live session, we had lunch with an activity. Attendees were tasked to build a bridge that was at least 12 inches long with the materials provided. Some tables had gummy bears and toothpicks, and some tables had popsicle sticks and duct tape.


After lunch and the activity, we had our 2nd live speaker session of TEDxSMUWomen. Session 2 consisted of Becca Weigman, Liz Navarro, Catelyn Devlin, Mercedes Fulbright, and Leslie O’Hare.


After Session 2, attendees had the option of watching another Live Simulcast or taking part in a conversation with the speakers.

Convo w speakers

At the end, TEDxSMU Excutive Director, Heather Hankamer, hosted a TEDx info session. Attendees were able to ask questions, give suggestions, and pitch ideas for their own TEDx talks!


TEDxSMUWomen 2017 was a huge success thanks to our amazing team, speakers, host, sponsors, volunteers, and attendees. Everyone enjoyed the event and got to spread their ideas. We can’t wait for TEDxSMUWomen 2018, but for now, we’re focusing on TEDxSMUKids 2017!