National Engineers Week Kickoff – Visioneering 2017

On February 18th, the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education within the SMU Lyle School of Engineering hosted Visioneering 2017 to kick off National Engineers Week!

Visioneering is a half day event in which teams of middle school students from all over Texas come together and do a 90 minute engineering project. This sounds simple, but there is so much more cool stuff that happens throughout the day!

Over 60 teams came to SMU for Visioneering from all over Texas!


Students first arrived and checked in. After checking in, the students filled the auditorium for the opening ceremony where they learned a little bit about engineering and learned about their design challenge for the day! For the design challenge, students were tasked to design and create a prototype for a home or building for an elderly or disabled person.

Lyle Engineering VisioneeringLyle Engineering Visioneering

After the opening ceremony, teams were taken to different classrooms to complete the design challenge! In each classroom, students met with their mentors. These mentors were professional engineers! Along with their mentors, the students found supplies for the challenge. They used the first few minutes of their challenge time to brainstorm and come up with ideas to plan their final design.

The students were very creative in their designs, and their ideas were fantastic!

After the 90 minute challenge period, students had their final creations ready, and they presented their masterpieces to 2 judges.

After all the teams were judged, students went back to the auditorium for an engineering expo, awards, and the closing ceremony!

Five teams were awarded various awards, but everyone won in that they left with the satisfaction of solving a complex challenge!

Students learned how to think in new ways, work as part of a team, and to speak up and share their ideas. This made Visioneering 2017 a success!

Visioneering 2017 was a lot of fun! Students, mentors, teachers, and volunteers had a ton of fun! We can’t wait until Visioneering 2018!

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