Teacher Professional Development at the Caruth Institute

Over the summer, we had a lot of cool programs for middle school and high school students, but we also had cool programs for teachers!

We had two professional development courses for teachers of grades 4-8 and for high school teachers!

The first course was Classroom Robotics for Teachers Grades 4th-8th. The course was one week long and consisted of an introduction to the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 System. Participants learned about EV3 programming and building and were given activities to use in the classroom!

The next Teacher Professional Development Course we had was the UIL Robotics Training FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and First Robotics Competition (FRC) course. The training consisted of learning about coaching a team in the FTC or the FRC! Participants learned how to organize teams, understand project management, and effective strategies to build/program a robot. Because this is the first year that Robotics is considered a varsity sport in Texas, these professionals were some of the first that will be participating in the new events!

These trainings were very cool, and the teachers learned a lot and had a great time!

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