Math Awareness Month 2016

April is Math Awareness Month, and the theme is The Future of Prediction!

MAM 2016

This year’s theme is meant to show how math and statistics are used to predict the future!

For resources to use during Math Awareness Month to explore the theme from the National Education Association for students in grades K-12, click here!

Apart from using these resources, take time to teach your students (or learn yourself) about how math is all around us. Without math, we wouldn’t have any of the cool technology we have today – we wouldn’t even have the chairs we sit on or the buildings we live/learn/play in! Math is all everywhere, but we just don’t realize it!

So, take some time to appreciate math this month!

Also, how fitting that Square Root Day (4/4/16) was in April (Math Awareness Month) this year! It’s crazy how cool math is!

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