What’s going on at Lyle?

These past few weeks have been an exciting time at the Lyle School of Engineering.

There has been a Community Challenge to design and build a Foosball table and a Custom T-Shirt Workshop at the Deason Innovation Gym, and really cool project presentations for a Form and Composition class within Master of Arts in Design and Innovation (MADI) Program!


Community Challenge:

In the Deason Innovation Gym here at SMU, the members of the entire SMU community were offered an opportunity to participate in a community challenge! The goal of this challenge was to design and build a fully functioning Foosball table!

The process started with brainstorming and the design and creation of a prototype:



After a prototype was built, the participants went on to build the final product!

The first Community Challenge has been a success so far, and we can’t wait until the next one!


However, that is not the only cool thing going on at the Deason Innovation Gym (DIG) – the DIG also held a Custom T-Shirt Workshop!


T-Shirt Workshop:

At the Deason Innovation Gym, there is always something going on to stir creativity and innovation – this time it was a Custom T-Shirt Design Workshop!

Students signed up and were invited to the DIG to create their own personalized custom t-shirts!


The workshop started off with brainstorming and learning how to create the design on the computer!

Then, participants went on to the creation of their design by learning to use the vinyl cutter!


The students ended up with cool t-shirts to wear and new-found knowledge!

Apart from the cool events going on at the DIG, there are some other cool things going on throughout the Lyle School of Engineering!


MADI Projects:

As a part of the Master of Arts in Design and Innovation (MADI) program at SMU, students took a Form and Composition class.

The class was a fast paced introduction to 2D graphic design and 3D design.

As part of the final project, students were assigned the task to create a concept for a chair that met a specific human need. After coming up with the idea, students were tasked with creating a large scale 3D model and an advertisement for their chair.

Students started their chair idea with a sketch, went on to a small model, created a larger model, then went on to create their prototypes (along with their advertisements) for a final presentation.

The chair ideas were really cool!