Battle of the Bots Fall 2015

Every semester, SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering offers a First Year Design course for (mostly) first year students.

The course consists of students being assigned to teams from all different disciplines.

Teams are then assigned the task to build a robot to autonomously operate through a given course, and they are expected to have this completed by the end-of-semester competition, Battle of the Bots.


At Battle of the Bots, teams get the chance to show their skills to the SMU community as their robots compete to win the competition.

This year’s Battle took place outside, and the robots were expected to move out of the starting box, find a designated container, measure the conductivity of the contents of that container, climb a platform and take measurements, navigate through barriers, and much more!


During the competition, some teams had to troubleshoot their robots, and some had to re-position them.

By the end of it, students were exhausted. However, the students came together to make cool robots!