SMU CSI Camp Session 3 Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of our second girls camp!

We have 10 eager 6th and 7th grade ladies this week from the DFW, Houston and Oklahoma area! We began our day with a presentation by a detective from the Dallas Police Department about being a Crime Scene Technician. He told us everything we needed to know before we entered our crime scene.

DSC_4736 DSC_4741 DSC_4754

With the information we learned from our Detective, we started surveying our crime scene. We sketched out the scene, took lots of pictures and collected the evidence.

DSC_4758 DSC_4769 DSC_4772 DSC_4813

After lunch, we got to meet K9 Officer Shane Menz and his partner from the Lewisville Police Department. He explained his job and how he and his partner work together to solve crimes. He showed us how he detects narcotics and how he is focused on his job at hand. As a reward he gets to play with his favorite toy, his squeaky ball.


We then went back to the evidence we found at our crime scene. The note that was left behind was hand written with a black marker, so we did a lab called Paper Chromatography to find out what kind of black marker was used to write the note. Did you know that black markers are actually made up of different colors and each company uses different colors in their black markers?

DSC_4861 DSC_4863 DSC_4867

We then took the soil sample that we collected at our crime scene and analyzed it under stereoscopes. We compared it to other samples taken around the location of our crime to find out where it came from.

DSC_4874 DSC_4876

It’s was an exciting first day! The girls can’t wait to continue their investigation today!

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