SMU CSI Camp Session 2 Day 3!

Today was the last day of our second session of CSI Camps.

Everyone was sad that all the fun was coming to an end, but everyone was also excited about the cool new things they were going to do today!

We started the day off with a presentation by a Medical Examiner!


Then we did some forensic anthropology!

DSC_4549 DSC_4552

After learning about all those things, we did a gait lab!

DSC_4570 DSC_4575

Afterwards, the Denton SWAT Team visited, and we got to explore their field of work – which was a ton of fun!

DSC_4590 DSC_4659 DSC_4707

The last science activity for the day was a facial recognition lab, in which campers applied knowledge they gained throughout the three days, and they got to learn more!


This group of campers was incredibly talented, and wanted to learn all they could from the camp.


It was a great three days, and we can’t wait for session 3 to begin!

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