SMU CSI Camps Session One

Today was the first day of the first session of SMU CSI camps, and it was a huge success! We had 17 girls from the 6th and 7th grade participate, and they were wowed by all the exciting activities!

The first day of camp started with a Crime Scene Technician Presentation by Detective, Sean Kearney.

DSC_0095 DSC_0100

As the day went on, we had our own crime to solve! We had a (pretend) kidnapping, and to solve the mystery of who was kidnapped, we did various activities!


We collected evidence, sketched and discussed the scene!


To take a break from the crime, we had a K-9 Unit Presentation by Deputy, Clayton Wood and his partner, Rocky!


Afterwards, we returned to the crime scene, and we did a paper chromatography lab and a microscope lab, to decipher what type of marker was used on the kidnapping letter, and to analyze the soil that was left behind at the scene.

DSC_0130 DSC_3848 IMG_0938

The first day of camp was oh so exciting, and the next two days were filled with even more science fun!

Day Two consisted of an FBI Presentation, an SMU SWAT Team Presentation, and a ton of fun activities.

DSC_3955 DSC_4014

We had fingerprint dusting with the SMU PD:


A fingerprint sensor activity:


A DNA extraction activity:


And an iris recognition activity:


The girls learned so much in just two days, and we were all awaiting the third day of exciting science activities!


Day Three of SMU CSI Camp started off with a presentation by a medical examiner.


It was followed by a forensic anthropology lab:


A gait recognition lab:


And a face recognition lab:


The day concluded with a presentation by the Denton County SWAT Team!


Everyone enjoyed the camp and learned a lot of new things over the three day period! The students learned about science, and how it relates to the field of Crime Scene Investigation, and they were also able to make new friends with the same interests!


SMU CSI Camp Session 1 was a success, and we are all impatiently waiting for Session 2!


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