Math Awareness Month

April is Math Awareness Month!

One of the main goals of Math Awareness Month is to increase awareness about how math drives careers. Math drives innovation, and innovation is something that is necessary in key economic sectors. Mathematics drives innovation, thus it also drives careers.

There are math events going on all over the nation!

Take a moment to do a fun math related activity, or go to a math event this month!

To learn more about how and why this entire month is dedicated to the subject of mathematics, click here!


National Robotics Week 2015

This week is National Robotics Week!

People all over the nation join together to celebrate the US as a leader in robotics, educate people about robotics and its impact, advocate for more funding for research, and inspire students to pursue robotics and other STEM subjects!

There are robotics events going on all over the world to celebrate this week!

To learn more about why this week is celebrated, and to learn about events in your area, click here!