Women in STEM

While International Women’s Day has come and gone, we’re reposting this post from March to stick with the Women in STEM theme we’ve been sporting this week on Twitter. Enjoy!


Dr. Delores Etter

Dr. Delores Etter

We have a confession to make: the STEM Works team is comprised entirely of women. While we do collaborate with some wonderful male teachers for our CSI camps, the day-to-day management of our programs lacks a y chromosome. So, now that you know the truth, does that change your view of our work?


Social Media Communications Director Danielle Caldwell

The unfortunate truth is that women are often met with scrutiny when entering and pursuing careers in a variety of STEM fields. While we are lucky to live in a time in which a number of organizations are working to promote STEM careers to women and girls, the fact remains that females are still largely underrepresented in a variety of STEM fields. That’s why we thought we would celebrate upcoming International Women’s Day—taking place on March 8, 2014—with a special Women in STEM scavenger hunt.

Lindsey small

STEM Program Director Lindsey Groark

While we are a team of women, we are bummed to admit that in the past we have let International Women’s Day go largely unmarked. While we were peripherally familiar with the occasion, we weren’t totally clear on its robust history and thematic way of celebrating women on a global scale. Once we heard the theme for this year’s celebration, Inspiring Change, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to highlight notable women of STEM’s past and present. Whether you’re working with a class, a club, or even your own children, celebrate International Women’s Day with our Women in STEM scavenger hunt. And once you’ve finished learning about these inspirational women, be sure to visit our Women in STEM Hall of Fame page to discuss the women that personally inspire you!

(Note: the only pictures of the two other members of our team that we have are fake mugshots we use for our CSI camps, so we thought we’d wait till we obtained more flattering photos of them before publishing them on the site.)

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