On the road again: CSI day camp travels to San Antonio

So, our relative radio silence can be explained by the fact that CSI camp season is upon us once again. Thus, on Tuesday, May 6th, we found ourselves in sunny San Antonio, Texas for our CSI Camp-for-a-Day program. This event, which featured roughly 115 6th grade students and eight middle school teachers, was kicked off by a wonderfully engaging presentation by local Air Force forensic science agents. Our camp director, and CSI camp veteran teacher, Jennifer Makins introduced this presentation, which focused on the main skills required to become a forensic science agent.


After getting acquainted with the world of a CSI agent, students traveled back to their units to discover that a kidnapping had occurred!


At this point, it was up to the students to use their observational skills to identify the key pieces of evidence that would hopefully lead them to their perpetrator.


The students were in luck, however, as the crime scene featured a cup containing the perpetrator’s fingerprint. It was then up to professionals from the Universal City Police Department to help the investigators extract the fingerprint through a fingerprint dusting activity,




then learn how the features of the fingerprint could help identify that perpetrator. The students learned that the suspect’s fingerprint type was a loop, which ultimately helped them narrow their list of suspects.

Another key piece of evidence was found at the crime scene: a note written by the perpetrator. Campers then discovered how to determine which type of marker wrote the perpetrator’s note through a paper chromatography experiment. Since each suspect on the suspect list was found carrying a different type of marker, this activity ultimately allowed the campers to further zero in on their perpetrator.

After taking a short break to refuel (i.e. eat lunch), campers learned that humans aren’t the only ones to participate in CSI. Both human and K9 members of the Air Force K9 Unit joined the campers to discuss how humans and dogs collaborate to investigate many different situations.



Campers loved the demonstration, and the dogs were in it for the snuggles.


At that point in the day, the campers had narrowed their list of suspects to three. However, they were missing a vital piece of evidence that would point to their perpetrator. That’s when they learned that a second crime had happened, and the authorities thought that this second crime was related to the crime campers had been investigating all morning. And sure enough, this second crime provided an additional piece of evidence: an eyewitness sketch. To prepare for the possibility of an additional piece of evidence, students learned how the features of the face can be used in identification through a facial recognition activity.


In this activity, students learned how to create ratios by measuring the distances between the features on a person’s face and how those ratios can be unique to each individual.


Oh, and they had a little bit of fun, too.


The last step was to determine whether or not the two crimes were in fact related to each other. To do this, campers looked at photos to see if the crimes looked alike

DSC_9919and examined the fingerprint type of the perpetrator of the second crime to see if it matched their fingerprint from the morning. After doing this, the campers did find these two crimes to be related, then used the suspect sketch from the second crime to determine whodunit!


As always, we had a wonderful experience bringing our CSI Camp-for-a-Day program to a new community in the United States. The people of Kitty Hawk Middle School—students, teachers, and administrators alike—were some of the best we’ve worked with yet.. Additionally, the impact of the CSI Camp-for-a-Day was extended even further during the teacher workshop, which took place the night before the event. This workshop allowed us to share the full curriculum with teachers from all over the area so that they could, in turn, utilize these activities in their own classrooms for years to come.





One comment on “On the road again: CSI day camp travels to San Antonio

  1. This was a wonderful experience. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication it took, in order to bring this to Judson ISD. I enjoyed working with each one of you. The students and teachers were able to gain the hands-on knowledge of real-world activities.

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