Save the World, Study STEM: Air, Water, and Food

On the most basic level, there are a few things that we humans require on a daily basis to survive: air, water, and food. Yet the changing conditions of our planet have placed intense strain on these fundamental requirements of human life. Thanks to researchers from the STEM community, people are finding new and inventive ways to meet these needs. Read on to find out how scientists are providing creative access to air, water, and food.


17r3x3lzcjd2vjpgBreathing is so passé. Scientists at Boston Children’s Hospital have recently discovered a way that can oxygenate a person’s blood should he or she stop breathing. Through the use of microparticles comprised of oxygen and lipids, medical professionals can keep people alive for 15-30 minutes after failing to breathe. Since every second can be crucial in a number of life-threatening situations, this new technology will have a major impact on the medical community. Read article.


warka_water.jpg__800x600_q85_cropMany people in industrialized societies take access to clean water for granted. Yet the fact remains that a large percentage of people have minimal access to drinking water, making life in many parts of the world a daily struggle. Yet a new project called Warka Water may hold the key to providing gallons of fresh water to remote areas by…drumroll… pulling it out of thin air. No, seriously. Check it out!


By 2050, Earth will likely be home to more than nine billion people. That’s a lot of mouths to feed. In a special eight-month series, “The Future of Food,” National Geographic investigates how to meet our growing need for nourishment without harming the planet that sustains us. Check out this amazing project.

So what do you think… inspired yet?

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