From killer bee to honey bee… drones they are a changing

Drones have a PR problem, and it’s difficult to begin a post about drones without bringing up their controversial reputation. Just mention the word “drone” and many us, myself included, instantly conjure images of war and espionage, largely affiliated with the US. Yet there are many applications of this technology that are far less grisly than it’s military application. Drones are now being used in many different contexts, from feature filming to home delivery.

Launch, film, land, repeat

Cinematic aerial shots may no longer be exclusive to those without the budget to hire a helicopter. See how photographer Eric Sterman is utlizing drones to get some amazing footage.

A new approach to research

Slocum Glider operated by Rutgers via NOAA

Slocum Glider operated by Rutgers via NOAA

Drones are also increasingly being used in a number of research ventures. NOAA is taking drone technology to the sea. NOAA’s underwater “gliders”—the word drone is being avoided for obvious reasons—are taking to the seas to collect data about marine weather conditions. Additionally, drones are being used by other organizations for research regarding 3D mapping and flood delivery, among many other uses.

How much should we tip a drone?

Photo source:

Photo source:

Speaking of delivery, one of the most high-profile drone uses being explored is the use of drones for home delivery. Who could forget Amazon’s recent announcement that they plan to use drones to deliver their products to the homes of customers? And it seems Amazon is far from alone on this idea. People are already anticipating the use of drones for food products such as pizza.

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