2013 STEM News in Review

newsShould old acquaintance be forgot? We say nay! Rather than posting a monthly STEM news review, this month we are celebrating the conclusion of another year with our 2013 STEM News in Review Scavenger Hunt. This scavenger hunt takes you on a tour of the year’s biggest STEM news stories. Use this hunt in your classrooms or at home to spark discussions about these stories and the impact they have on our understanding of our world and of a variety of STEM subjects.

And we know for a fact that there are many STEM-related stories that we missed, so be sure to stop by our 2013 STEM News in Review blog page to post your favorite stories from the year, be they news stories or personal stories. It is best to have solid footing before stepping into a new year, so let this scavenger hunt strengthen your STEM foundation!

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