This month’s exciting STEM news – October, 2013

Here we go again folks… some cool STEMy things from the month of October:

The Animal Kingdom IconAnimal Kingdom

For those with cat allergies, there may be an alternative for you… A monkey that purrs like a cat is discovered in the Amazon rainforest. Read article.

Extreme Weather IconExtreme Weather

A study released this month ranks 2013 as one of the least extreme U.S. weather years ever… That’s  a low ranking we can definitely get behind! Read article.

Medical Innovations IconMedical Innovations

Two Americans and one German were awarded the Nobel medical prize this month for solving “the mystery of how the cell organizes its transport system. Read article.

Robotics IconRobotics

No assembly is necessary for these robots out of MIT… they are self-assembling robots! Read article.

Space IconSpace

Step aside Felix Baumgartner, Arizona-based space travel company World View Enterprises says it plans to start offering trips to the edge of space. Read article.

Under the Sea IconUnder the Sea

Strange things are emerging from the deep in California. Some call them oarfish, some call them sea serpents… you be the judge! Read article.

Video Games IconVideo Games

Ok, this isn’t really a story from this month, but if you haven’t seen Jane McGonigal’s Ted Talk about how gaming is good for your health, it’s definitely worth seeing. Watch this Ted Talk.

Wind Energy IconEnergy

The MIT news reported this month that innovation in renewable-energy technologies is booming!  Read article.

So there, various STEM subject lovers. We’ve got you covered!

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