This month’s exciting STEM news – September, 2013

Here we go again folks… some cool STEMy things from the month of September:

The Animal Kingdom IconAnimal Kingdom

You may have already read this one, but the votes are in, and the blobfish was named “the ugliest animal on earth.” But don’t worry, it’s all in the name of conservation. Read article.

Extreme Weather IconExtreme Weather

Ok, so we know that earthquakes are not really a weather phenomenon, but this story was too interesting not to share. So, for lack of a better place to put it, check out this story of how an earthquake in Pakistan created a mud island…. Read article.

Medical Innovations IconMedical Innovations

Soccer fans rejoice cry yourself to sleep. Heading the ball turns out to be bad for you. Read article.

Robotics IconRobotics

In the endless pursuit to rid us of the tedium of house cleaning, the Mab Automated Cleaning System was revealed. Now get to work, tiny flying robots!  Read article.

Space IconSpace

This month researchers at the University of Sydney revealed a sleeping dragon: a colossal explosion at the center of the galaxy . Read article.

Under the Sea IconUnder the Sea

The sea is looking a little bit more like outer space this month, as research has revealed how ocean eddies and black holes have a bit in common…. Read article.

Video Games IconVideo Games

Think video games have no real-world applications? This blogger explains how video games can affect real-world sports car design. Read article.

Wind Energy IconWind Energy

Wind energy has long been criticized for its affect on birds. Solano Energy is now committing itself to the conservation of a particular federally-protected bird of prey: the golden eagle. What do you think? Is it enough? Read article.

So there, various STEM subject lovers. We’ve got you covered!

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