Scavenger Hunts


Now that our camp season has come and gone, our STEM Works team has been working on an exciting new feature for our Kids Ahead website. Since we know how often teachers, parents, and other educators are often looking for more fun and interactive ways to incorporate STEM learning into their daily routine, we are excited to present our new Scavenger Hunts feature.  Whether used as a warm-up exercise or a continual activity, these scavenger hunts will introduce students to some exciting new concepts and connect them with the larger community. A new Scavenger Hunt will be launched on the first and third Tuesday of every month. And don’t put off joining in on the fun… these activities must be completed before the next one is launched!

The first hunt to kick off our series will take you on a tour of the world to learn about biometric technology. So don’t wait! Grab your class, family, group, or club, and take advantage of our new Scavenger Hunts! Click here to visit the first activity.

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