App Turns Your DNA Profile Into Your Own Personal Theme Song

Ok, this is pretty cool!


Finally, a way to self-estimate your DNA profile and convert it to music, all within a 99-cent app.

That’s the promise of iDNAtity Audio, a new app in Apple’s App Store and the brainchild of DNA scientist Gary Cass.

You upload a photo of your face – the app uses facial recognition – and then fill out a series of questions that range from straightforward (hair color, eye color, skin color) to seemingly mundane: Can you roll your tongue? Do you have cheek dimples? Do you have fixed ear lobes? Do you have a widow’s peak?

Once all the data’s been cobbled together, your DNA profile is built and can be converted into music to be played back using a variety of synthesized instruments.

Genetic groove: Your DNA profile as a unique song [CNET]

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