CSI Conversation

Logo_CSI Teacher CampWe are so excited to welcome roughly 100 local teachers onto our campus for our third annual CSI Teacher Workshop! We had a record amount of applicants for the two-day training session this year, which means that word has been spreading about our CSI programs. Though we opened this training up to more teachers than ever before, we still were not able to accommodate all of the applicants and interested teachers from across the country.

Though we were not able to accommodate all of the interested parties, we wanted to provide a way to facilitate a conversation between camp participants, mentors, staff, and the greater CSI community. To get the CSI conversation going, we have provided three questions for participants, as well as the greater community, to discuss throughout the duration of the workshop. These three questions are:

  1. What is your experience with CSI subject matter, and which of the activities from the workshop (see workshop schedule) are you most or least comfortable with?
  2. How can you incorporate these CSI activities and others into your classroom?
  3. How do you think these activities could be modified to fit the needs of your classroom?

You can discuss these questions via Twitter by using #2013CSITeachers, on our Facebook page, or by commenting directly to this post. But don’t feel limited to discussing these questions only. We also want to hear about your insights, “aha” moments, and experience with the subject matter and your fellow participants!


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