CSI Day 4

We have had quite the busy day today! Though our gumshoes have been doing an amazing job narrowing our list of suspects on their own, we thought we’d bring in a little backup. Special Agent Marshall from the FBI spent his morning helping our campers look examine the evidence of the kidnapping case and identify some clues they may not have thought of.

Campers also got a realistic idea of what it takes to pursue a career with the FBI.

Our investigators-in-training learned a lot from Special Agent Marshall, and everyone was sad to see him go.

After we parted ways with the FBI agent, campers went right back to work on their biometrics activities. They learned how the shape of our hands,



the shape of our ears,



and the way we walk, can be used to identify us.


The afternoon was spent focusing on a much smaller part of our body, our DNA. Dr. Jones of SMU stopped by to discuss what DNA is and how it is used in CSI.


Once Dr. Jones made campers experts in DNA, they applied this knowledge to extract their very own DNA sample from a strawberry.

They smashed,





and took home their very own sample!



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