CSI Camp – Day 3

After our campers spent the morning identifying where the culprit’s soil sample came from and which marker he/she used in the note found at the scene, campers moved on to some fun biometrics activities. These activities taught our campers about the many ways the human body can be used to identify people, from our ears to the way we walk.

The end of our camp day sure had teeth… literally. Officer Martin came to visit our camp, and she brought her dog, Caro, with her.


Officer Martin and Caro make up the K-9 unit for the Wylie Police Department. Caro assists Officer Martin in finding things, from people, to narcotics, to cell phones lost by other police officers during a chase.


Though Caro definitely had teeth, at his heart his is just a playful dog who loves his owner.

And we couldn’t let the kids have all the fun today. Our staff enjoyed the presentation just as much.



By the end of the day, we learned that the marker used at the crime scene was an Expo marker, which ruled out the following suspects:

  • Danielle Caldwell
  • Brian Crouch
  • Phillip Lockhart
  • Phil Munsterman

So NOW who do you think dunnit?

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