Boy’s CSI Camp – Day 1 Recap

Sitting in auditorium on a rainy Monday morning, our boy campers received a big surprise when guys from the SMU SWAT team barged in from the back door, armed with rifles and in full suit and armor!


Luckily…no one was arrested that morning.  The SWAT guys came as friends and bearers of more interesting information.  They even let the boys feel the weight of a real armor vest!  The SWAT team is awesome!



After a busy morning of evidence collecting at the crime scene and learning how to seek out liars, our campers received some more advice from an expert friend from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) department!


Hearing the stories from Special Agent Goates’ years of experience, the campers gained more insight into how to commence their investigation of the mysterious kidnapping at the Caruth Institute!


By the end of the day, the boys achieved a breakthrough! The guys (or perhaps gals) with the red shirts –it had to be one of them!


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