Boys Camp Day 2 – Fingerprints!!!

The morning of the second day of camp was all about fingerprints!  Our boys were hard at work learning the tools they need to analyze the fingerprints of the suspects.  This will help them narrow down who the kidnapper is!


But…everyone needs a little help sometimes…


Getting your fingerprints scanned by a sensor can be a little overwhelming.   Don’t worry, our counselors are super nice!


Apparently fingerprint dusting can be a little hard to handle as well!


But never fear…our awesome camp teachers have everything under control.

See, learning about your fingerprints can be loads of fun!


Yes, fingerprint dusting can be a little frustrating (and messy).Image

But with the aid of our friendly police officers, everything ended up according to plan! Now the campers know how to collect fingerprints from evidence such as Snapple bottles and analyze them by distinguishing between the different types of fingerprints.



Now that the boys have gained some new knowledge, they need to boost their energy before continuing on with their investigation.  That means…LUNCH TIME!!!!!


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