Campers Learn about Lying and Deception

Before our campers gear up to solve Monday’s crime, we thought we’d spend a little time this morning talking about lying and deception. Deception is such a hot topic in CSI that entire TV shows like “Lie To Me” have been devoted to the topic. This morning, phychophysiologist and cool jobs alumna Dr. Andrea Webb spoke to our campers about the psychology of deception.


Psychophysiologists  look at the body’s responses to psychological manipulations such as looking at pictures and listening to sounds. While Psychologists are interested in why we may fear things, a psychophysiologist will attempt to understand our body’s response to that fear. So what instrument is well known to measure these bodily responses? You guessed it, a polygraph test!

Our campers didn’t just learn about the polygraph test, they got a first-hand look!


Our campers have some exciting things coming up today, so stay tuned to discover who our camper’s decide is the perpetrator!

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