CSI Investigation – Day 3

After discovering some interesting evidence this morning, our CSI investigators got a crash course in biometrics. Wait, bio-what? Biometrics is a term used to describe activities that use people’s characteristics or traits to identify them. Yesterday our campers learned how people can be identified by their fingerprints, and today they learned how people can be identified by their ears…



and the way they walk, or their gait.



And since we’ve been spending so much time focusing on the human side of solving crimes, we brought in our friends Officer Brenda Martin and her dog Caro to talk about what it’s like for the K-9 members of the force.




We made significant headway narrowing our list of suspects today. By the end of the day we identified the marker used at the crime scene as an Expo marker, and matched the soil sample left at the scene to the soil found behind the Caruth Hall. This leaves the following suspects left:

  • Sameen Ali
  • Amanda Quintero

Looks like our voters from yesterday were way off! So now who do you think dunnit?

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