CSI Investigation – Day 2

After hearing from SMU Law Enforcement and working with them to rule out some suspects by their fingerprints, and after learning how forensic anthropology can factor into crime scene investigation, our young detectives finished their day with a presentation from Dr. Sheila Spotswood, the medical examiner for Collin County.


Dr. Spotswood sorted fact from fiction for our campers and gave them a realistic look into the role that medical examination plays in crime scene investigation.



So after a full day of CSI activities, our campers were able to rule out some of the crime suspects. At the end of day 2, here’s what we know:

Here’s what we know so far:

– The suspect’s fingerprint type was Arch. After looking at our Suspect Line-up, we can rule out the following suspects:

  • Ashad Agyapong
  • Venita Ellingberg-Buffington
  • Afrida Faria
  • Christine Formento
  • Teice Holloway-Willis
  • Susana Perez
  • Kelsey Riley
  • Jade Terry

The suspects remaining after the fingerprint activity are:

  • Sameen Ali
  • Toni Harrison-Kelly
  • Gayle Malvern
  • Amanda Quintero

So who do you think dunit?

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