CSI Girls Get Some Inspiration Then Get to Work!

To give our CSI girls some inspiration to start their morning, SMU Law Enforcement stopped by to discuss what a career in law enforcement in really like.



These officers discussed what it’s like to be a woman in law enforcement and gave a realistic view of what the job entails. One of our presenters, Linda Perez, explained that “police work is dirty, messy work, so if you don’t like to get a little dirty, it’s probably not for you.”

IMG_20130709_101303 (3)

But the officers’ visit was not all talk and no walk… as our perpetrator left a fingerprint at the crime scene! SMU officers lead campers in an exercise to help them dust for the perpetrator’s fingerprint,



lift this print from a plastic bottle,




then evaluate the qualities of the fingerprint.


From there our investigators-in-training widened there examination from fingerprints to bones during the Forensic Anthropology Lab.


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