CSI Investigation – Day 1

Our super sleuths had quite a busy day today, as the first day of our girl’s CSI camp commenced. As with any camp, we began our day with an overview of CSI and how campers will be applying CSI principles throughout the week.

20130708_092940 (2)

It wasn’t long after introductions, however, that a crime scene was discovered by our campers! So our investigators immediately got to work collecting evidence and sketching the crime scene.

CAM00531 (4)

But never fear… our campers weren’t expected to figure everything out on their own, as the afternoon brought us a presentation from the local branch of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS).




After hearing first-hand CSI accounts from the NCIS professionals, our campers then learned all about change blindness. Change blindness, a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a change goes unnoticed by an observer, plays a major role in CSI investigations.

20130708_132727 (2)



By the end of the day, the campers obtained information that will help them solve this morning’s crime. Here’s what we know so far:

– A police report describing that a kidnapping occurred at the Caruth Institute after police received a phone call at 8:55 am.
– The method of entry was lawful.
– A Suspect Line-up has been compiled for the crime, which includes information about the suspects’ identities, fingerprint types, whereabouts, and the types of markers they were carrying immediately after the crime.

Stay tuned throughout the week as we narrow down our list of suspects and find out whodunit!

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