ASEE Presentation: The CSI Experience

Many of you out there are aware, or have participated in, our CSI camp programs. We often find ourselves explaining what these programs are, how they work, and who participates in them. But what we don’t often get a chance to do is focus on  why these programs exist. Luckily, our Director, Lindsey Groark, will be answering just this question tomorrow during her presentation at the ASEE conference in Atlanta.

The dire state of STEM education in the US has been noted time and again. Many publications have dealt with this very issue, calling for new and creative ways to both excite kids about these subjects and teach these subjects to students. Even many of our own Cool Jobs professionals revealed that their interest in STEM subjects was dulled through monotonous exercises in school, like memorization. Yet a growing trend of active learning has been emerging within the sciences, and our CSI programs have embraced this active learning model to provide kids with project-based and inquiry-based approaches to STEM education.

Tomorrow, Lindsey will be discussing in further depth the need for these types of learning models as well as giving an overview of the structure and execution of our CSI programs. She will give this presentation in the hopes to increase awareness of our programs, and also to empower and inspire STEM advocates to think about how this model can be applied to their personal endeavors.

If you are at the ASEE conference in Atlanta this week, you definitely will not want to miss Lindsey’s presentation! If you can’t make it to her presentation, she will also be manning our exhibit at the conference this week. She also happens to be a very nice person, so make sure you stop by the exhibit, or hang around after her presentation to chat with her!

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