So what are STEM-Works & Kids Ahead?

So, you’re wondering about our websites, eh? Check out this video for a snapshot of what we’re doing.

The dire state of STEM education in the U.S. is scarcely news to many of you out there. It has been noted time and again that our nation’s youth are falling behind many countries in the world in both interest and aptitude in the STEM subjects. Our STEM team knew that we had to do something to help encourage interest in STEM subjects, hence, our Kids Ahead and STEM Works websites were born.

So, what are Kids Ahead and STEM Works?

Kids Ahead is designed to support middle school students interested in STEM disciplines. This website, Kids Ahead, is an initiative to provide kids with hands-on opportunities to learn about STEM content and skills and excite them to learn more. Kids Ahead features articles, activities, and interviews with professionals in nine different STEM subjects. These subjects are:
Animal Kingdom
Crime Scene Investigation
Extreme Weather
Medical Innovations
Under the Sea
Video Games
Wind Energy

The links to these topics then direct the student to materials for hands-on projects that can be used for fun during a kid’s free time, for a boy/girl scout group or even for a possible science fair project. The website leverages outstanding materials developed around the country by providing a single place where these materials and activities can be accessed. Students are also able to access STEM events and organizations within their specific community on our locations page. We currently feature 29 communities across the U.S. and we are constantly adding new locations.
As a companion site to Kids Ahead, we developed another website – STEM-Works. This site aims to provide STEM resources to parents, teachers, mentors, volunteers and anyone who has a passion for science and engineering. All content that is available on the Kids Ahead web portal is also available in a similar format for adults on STEM-Works. The difference between the two websites is the intended audience: Kids Ahead is for kids; STEM-Works is for adults working with kids.

In fall of 2012 we also added an additional feature to STEM Works that we are particularly excited about: Advocacy. Here, STEM advocates can access STEM-related lesson plans, publications and virtual field trips for free!

If you haven’t yet visited our websites, now’s your chance to check them out! If you have already, we want to hear from you. Have you been able to use information from our websites in the classroom or in your community? Tell us all about it!

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